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Old Pictures of The Inn and Brough

Some old pictures of what was the Castle Hotel and Brough from the 1890's? onwards with conjectural comments.

If you have any other photos, documents, or information from these times we would love to have them. We will take great care of any photographs or documents and return them after scanning.

CastleHotel1900s 1

CastleHotel1900s 3

Old coloured photograph of the Castle Hotel and the "A66" Main Street looking Westward showing the now demolished coaching entrance and servants accommodation, and the postcard it may have been taken from.

The fact that there is an advertisement for "Pratts Spirit" and the archway has a sign for an "Engineer" – possibly a motor mechanic? – means it was probably from the early 1900's. There appears to be a memorial where the Clock Tower now stands, but the "A685" towards Kirkby Stephen was not in existence. The road to Kirkby Stephen came in alongside the beck.



Two views of the then "A66" looking Eastward from Main Street up the hill probably from the early 1900's given the gas street lamps. Notice the cobbles, the horse drawn trap and the poor road surface. The second was taken from just over the bridge. There appears to be some form of memorial, or possibly a drinking fountain, up the hill on the right.


The first cars arrive in Brough? The buntings and the police presence give it away - taken on the occasion of the visit of King George V to Brough.

CastleHotel1900s 4

Looking Westward along Main Street showing a memorial where the Clock Tower now stands but no evidence of the A685. The car in front of the hotel is of early 1900's vintage and the Castle's petrol pump is not in existence, however in one of the pictures above there is an advertisement for "Pratts Spirit" and a [motor?] "Engineer".

CastleHotelcirca1900s 2

Probably taken during the annual Brough Hill Week Gypsy gathering, which then was larger than Appleby Horse Fair. Judging by the car in the background it looks to have been taken in the late 1920's.

CastleHotel1900s 7

The "Bland" Castle Hotel possibly taken in the 1920's as the porch columns have not been painted. and there is a "finger" signpost, which is missing from the later photograph when it had become just the "Castle Hotel".

CastleHotel1900s 6

The Castle Hotel circa 1930/40's with Brough Main Street, then the A66, looking Eastward showing an old style petrol pump and the arched gateway into the stable yard, which was later demolished to provide access for the new bigger charabancs!

The car seems to be a Wolsey of 1930's vintage. The absence of traffic and the fact that the signpost is missing means it could have been taken during WW2.

The Clock Tower was built by public subscription to commemorate the coronation of George V in 1911 replacing an older memorial or dinking fountain. The A685 enters from the right as now. A stone plaque was added on the coronation of Elizabeth II and another to celebrate the olympic torch passing through in 2012. The upper part of the clock is the top of the old market cross.

CastleHotel1900s 5

The Castle Hotel in the 1950's looking Westward along the then A66(now showing a more modern petrol pump and oil dispenser) and the busy Main Street with a Tea Shop next door. The coaching entrance has been demolished along with some of the staff quarters.


Unknown photograph assumed to be local. Is that a gas or electric lamp? Possibly Church Brough. Notice the lack of tarmac.

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